Pete Turner (1934-2017)

Pete Turner (1934-2017), Cheetah, 1970 (114.1987)

Pete Turner (1934-2017), Tree Shadow, Zimbabwe, 1959 (121.1987)

Pete Turner (1934-2017), Shape of Things to Come, 1969 (124.1987)

Pete Turner (1934-2017), New Dawn, Heimaey, Iceland, 1973 (119.1987)

Born in Albany, New York, in 1934, Pete Turner attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in the early 50s (with fellow students Peter Bunnell, Carl Chiarenza, Bruce Davidson, Jerry Uelsmann, etc.). While in the army in 1957 Turner experimented with early color photographic materials. Turner was a color photography trailblazer, practitioner of the medium for over fifty years, and found life-long inspiration in the colors of Africa.

Pete Turner (1934-2017), Stonehenge, 1979 (122.1987)

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