Protesting Racism in America

John Dominis (1921–2013), [American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos protesting racial inequity with raised fists during national anthem at Olympics, Mexico City], October 16, 1968 (recto and verso) (1012.2005)

As the American national anthem began to play during the awards ceremony to honor the winners of the 200-meter dash at the ’68 Olympics in Mexico City, American athletes Tommie Smith (gold) and John Carlos (bronze) bowed their heads, took off their shoes, and raised black-gloved fists in a Black Power salute: “…they wore gloves to represent black America, and removed their shoes and wore black socks to symbolize the poverty [and lack of health care] of the American black community. Smith wore a scarf and Carlos a bead necklace, recalling lynching…” (Guardian.) All three athletes, including the Australian Peter Norman (silver), wore the round patch of the Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR), a short-lived (1967-68) yet significant group in the long march for international racial equality. This print, a donation by Time-Life, was used for reproduction in numerous publications, including Life.

Life, November 1, 1968, pp. 64c-64d (Photos by John Dominis p. 64c and Bill Eppridge p. 64d, words by Jeremy Larner and David Wolf.)

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