Buenos Aires Above and Below Ground

Jim Dow, Main Entrance, Retiro Station, Buenos Aires, 1989 (199.1999.4)

Jim Dow, Telegram Office at Railroad Station, San Luis, Argentina, 1989 (119.1999.8)

Jim Dow, Platform at Peru Station, Subway Line “A,” Buenos Aires, 1898 (199.1999.9)

Jim Dow, Subway Car Interior at Primera Junta Station, Line “A,” Buenos Aires, 1989 (119.1999.1)

As those of us in the New York metropolitan area navigate through a public transportation “Summer of Hell” – it might be a good time to look at photos of subways, buses and trains from around the world. Although initially referring to the repair work in Penn Station and its consequences, complaints about surface and underground transit and the politicians who pull the purse strings are likely to run, like the subways and buses themselves, 24/7.

In these majestic (and largely people-free) photos, mostly made in Buenos Aires, rail travel appears alluring, paradisaical, perhaps timeless, and very well-lit. (The atmosphere is more Antarctic and the pace glacier, a “Winter of Heaven” in the southern hemisphere, compared to our overstuffed, subterranean inferno.) The Subterráneo de Buenos Aires or Subte, began in 1913, the six lines extend for 33.5 miles. (Wikipedia)

This is the premier post of a new Subway Series looking at international subways, trains, and other forms of (mostly) underground public transportation and commuting. Inspired, in part, by the current state of public transportation in the NYC metropolitan area and our “Summer of Hell.”

The photographer’s website can be found here.

Jim Dow, Gallery at Once Railroad Station, Buenos Aires, 1989 (121.1999.6)

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  1. Excelente blog.
    Saludos Antonio

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