Submerged Portraits

Gideon Mendel, Graham and Kieran Leith, Toll Bar village near Doncaster, United Kingdom, June 2007 (2013.87.1)

Gideon Mendel, Dalami, at a flooded goat farm and butchery, Ahoada, Rivers State, Nigeria, November 2012 (2013.87.2)

Gideon Mendel, Anchalee Koyamaholds, Taweewattana district, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2011 (2013.87.4)

Gideon Mendel, Prakru Samuteerapisut Sarathamma with novice monks, Komut Puttarangsi Temple, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2011 (2013.87.6)

Gideon Mendel tells in a lecture organized by WIRED that his series Drowning World is a very personal way to address climate change. He felt that the idea of climate change was only visualized by pictures of polar bears and beautiful glaciers. Mendel wanted to create a body of work that showed people who the real victims of climate change are. In 2007 Gideon Mendel photographed his first flood in the North of England. What he saw when he started photographing the people in their flooded world was a shared vulnerability. Drowning World has documented floods in 13 different countries.

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