Ernst HaasBicentennial, Concord, Massachusetts, 1975 (35.1976)

Fazal Sheikh, Fatuma Abdi Hussein and her son Abdullai, Somali refugee camp, Mandera, Kenya, 1993 (64.1997)

John Olson, [Grace Slick with her mother Virginia Wing in her home, Palo Alto, California], 1971 (2482.2005)

Gordon Coster, [Smiling mother and son, Chicago], 1944 (1117.2005)

Eve Arnold, Mother and baby’s hands, 1959 (771.1983)

Robert Capa, [Lapp family, Norway], 1951 (2013.92.120)


About claartjevandijk

Assistant Curator, Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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