Faith Ringgold, Freedom Woman Now, 1971 (796.2002)

Faith Ringgold, The United States of Attica, 1971 (795.2002)

Faith Ringgold, Judson 3, ca. 1970-71 (877.2002)

Faith Ringgold, Peoples Flag Show, (1970) (883.2002)

The “People’s Flag Show” at Judson church was open for only a few days and the Judson 3: Faith Ringgold, Jon Hendricks and Jon Toche, were arrested on November 13th, for desecration of the American flag.

Louise Nevelson (1899–1988), [Untitled], ca. 1967 (835.2002),

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), NYCLU Benefit, 1972 (859.2002)

These posters, offset lithographs, were produced with the Artists Poster Committee of Art Workers Coalition (Jon Hendricks, Irving Petlin, Frazier Dougherty). The New York Civil Liberties Union, NYCLU, the first amendment, the freedom of expression, protesting, arts workers, Faith Ringgold, Louise Nevelson , Louise Bourgeois, are as vital and relevant in 1972 as today and tomorrow.

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