“It’s Chili Time”

Ferenc Berko (1916-2000), [Hamburger and chili stand, Chicago], 1949 (593.1993)

Weegee (1899-1993), [Hot Dog with Chili Con Carne], ca. 1950 (19049.1993)

According to foodtimline.org chili con carne originated in San Antonio, Texas in the late 1800s.

Bill Wood (1912-1973), [Display of Patio Mexican Foods Canned Products, Fort Worth, Texas], 1953 (2011.2.39)

Bill Wood (1912-1973), [“It’s Chili Time”: Canned chili and saltines display, Fort Worth, Texas], 1960 (2011.2.101)

“A Mark of Wholesome Meat,” U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1964
From The Prelinger Archives on archive.org

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