Early Light/Radiant AG-1B (C-902)

Marco Breuer, Early Light/Radiant AG-1B (C-902), 2009 (2011.59.1)

Marco Breuer was born in 1966 in Landshut, Germany. Since his move to New York in 1993, the vast majority of his work has been cameraless, abstract imagery on paper. He uses chromogenic paper, which consists of three separate color emulsion layers that are developed in a liquid bath. In a restrained markmaking, Breuer often scrapes away emulsion to reveal new tonal variation, challenging the definition of photography. Breuer’s body of abstract photographic work reveals his commitment to medium specificity. Early Light/Radiant  AG-1B (C-902) is an uncommon departure from the direct index of the artist’s hand. This fairly representational photograph is fascinating for being so uncharacteristic of Breuer, but more so because the ambiguity of a sunrise or sunset is apt subject matter for him. Breuer is an artist whose work finds its genesis in mining the fixed traces of photons, but whose beloved analog process becomes more rare every day.

Sam Margevicius, ICP-Bard 2017

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