Sandinista uprising

Susan Meiselas, Sandino vive, Estelí, Nicaragua, 1980 (2008.86.9)

American photographer Susan Meiselas joined Magnum Photos in 1976 and has worked as a freelance photographer since. She is best known for the work she did documenting the 1978–79 Sandinista uprising in Nicaragua and the decade of political upheaval that followed in El SalvadorArgentinaColombia, and Chile. The FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional, Sandinista National Liberation Front) party is named after Augusto César Sandino, who led the Nicaraguan resistance against the United States occupation of Nicaragua in the 1930s. The FSLN remains one of Nicaragua’s two leading political parties.

Meiselas’s widely published photographs made during this period are notable for the groundbreaking use of color at a time when most war photography and most US newspapers were still printed in black and white. In 2004, Meiselas returned to Nicaragua for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the uprising, installing nineteen mural-sized screens of her photographs in four towns where the pictures were taken and recorded the reactions of the Nicaraguan public.

Nechama Winston, ICP-Bard 2017

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