¡Feliz año nuevo! 2017

Crónica, January 1936 (2055.2005)

Weegee, “Tavern of ground floor of burning building at 80 Greenwich St. is shelter for firemen overcome by smoke New Year’s Eve. Customers also had a hot time.” January, 1945 (15175.1993)

Weegee, [Shorty, the Bowery Cherub, New Year’s Eve at Sammy’s Bar, New York], 1943 (2017.1993)

Bernie Aumuller, [Man carving grapefruit, New York], 1946 (2012.121.38)

Steven Derry, [New Year’s Eve, Latin Quarter, New York], 1946 (2012.121.39)

Weegee, [“New Year’s at 5 in the morning in a night club, I found this 3 year old with his parents welcoming the New Year with milk.” And a woman with a camera.] 1943 (14228.1993)

Weegee, New Years, Stuyvesant Casino, ca. 1945 (16093.1993)

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