Around the World (alphabetically): Afghanistan

Charles Shepherd, Group of Maula Gori Afrides, Afghanistan, ca. 1867 (2007.104.3)

Edward Grazda, Jalez, Afghanistan, 1982 (2012.51.3)

Stephen Dupont, Man praying and reading the Koran inside the Grand Blue Mosque, Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, 1993 (2012.37.5)

Stephen Dupont, The Grand Buddha Cave at Bamiyan, Afghanistan, 2005 (2012.37.7)

Peter van Agtmael, Aranas, Afghanistan, May 28, 2007, (2014.30.6)

AFGHANISTAN. Nuristan. 2007. A U.S. Blackhawk helicopter lands at the Ranch House, a small American outpost deep in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. There were no decent roads and all medevacs, re-supply and transport were done by helicopter. Blackhawks were in short supply, forcing the U.S. military to turn to outside contractors. They rented ex-Soviet helicopters, rickety and ancient and known as “Jingle Air.” They came with pilots, some of whom had served in the Russian Army during the previous war in Afghanistan. They were storied figures, legendary for their bravery under fire and rumored to be heavy vodka drinkers in flight. [Caption provided by Peter van Agtmael]

Map of where the above photos were made:

Around the World (alphabetically) and chronologically with Fansinaflashbulb.

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