Arthur Lavine

Arthur Lavine (1922-2016), Third Avenue El Demolition, 1955 (431.1986)

Part of coverage I did for myself when the 3rd Ave. El was demolished. Photographed from roof of building where I lived. Trucks were sprayed with hoses to keep fires from starting. NYC.

Arthur Lavine (1922-2016), Fire Escape, Third Avenue, 1951 (436.1986)

Part of series I did for myself during snow in my NYC neighborhood. This shot was done from my 5th floor walkup.

Arthur Lavine (1922-2016), Telephone Lineman, 1954 (438.1986)

Part of series done for AT&T magazine after Hurricane Carol did considerable damage in the area of Taunton, Mass. and Brockton, Mass. A convoy of telephone repairman from Maryland came to restore service. I was struck by the tools and gear of this lineman.

Arthur Lavine (1922-2016), Working Hands, 1947 (427.1986)

From “The Family of Man” book and collection. Photo taken for myself in Bath, Maine. Angle looking down on hands of two workers cutting a hole in a street pipe with a drill top. From “The Family of Man” Book and Collection. Photo taken for myself in Bath, Maine. Copyright Arthur Lavine. Photo was 9′ tall in “Family of Man” exhibit.

Arthur Lavine (1922-2016), Dubuffet Sculpture Assembly, 1972 (445.1986)

Back in 1972, Chase Manhattan assigned me to photograph the assembly of Jean Dubuffet’s 40 foot tall sculpture “Group of Four Trees.” Sculpted in France, the pieces were laid out like a jigsaw puzzle at Chase Manhattan Plaza. This imported Frenchman was part of the assembly crew.

Arthur Lavine (1922-2016), Deaf Children with Pumpkins, 1955 (432.1986)

Part of a picture story I did at Crotched Mountain Foundation in New Hampshire, a rehabilitation center for disabled children. These were deaf children learning about pumpkins and turkeys. The boy at the left is feeling lip vibration of teacher. Photos were done for Ethyl Corporation and used in their employee magazine.

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