A Photo Artist On the Bowery

Frank Wendt, [Snake Charmer], 1893-98 (2011.42.38)

Frank Wendt, [Snake Charmer], 1893-98 (2011.47.73)

Frank Wendt, [Musician with Birds], 1893-98 (2011.47.130)

Frank Wendt, [Noble George Washington Winner], 1893-94 (2011.47.12)

Frank Wendt, [Unzie the Albino], 1893-94 (2013.75.1)

Frank Wendt, [Amy Arlington], 1893-98 (2011.47.128)

The heart-stirring and spine-tingling, the eye-opening and mind-blowing photo artist Frank Wendt took over Charles Eisenmann’s studio at 229 Bowery; Wendt worked on the Bowery for five years (1893-1898) and then relocated to Boonton, New Jersey.

For more about Frank Wendt, please visit the wonderful, extraordinary, fascinating, remarkable and profound Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

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