Anonymous Autochromes

Unidentified Photographer, [Marzipan], ca. 1911

Unidentified Photographer, [Fruit stand], ca. 1911

(This new series, #Fansinaflashbulb’s #FavoriteThingsFriday, of blog posts will present photos and things that we love and are seldom seen, perhaps unique, beautiful and/or thought-provoking. It’s Fansinaflashbulb as a cabinet of curiosities. Photos for ogling and rubbernecking. The title, #FavoriteThingsFriday, is a reference to John Coltrane’s many versions of the Rodgers and Hammerstein song “My Favorite Things.”)


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1 Response to Anonymous Autochromes

  1. elke says:

    what a good idea! Your first choices have a wonderful glow.

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