Six Skulls (for Halloween)

Andreas Feininger, Ritual Skull, 1969, (841.1976)

Vu, June 29, 1932 (2009.61.20) (One cover photo by André Kertész.)

Vu, April 3, 1935 (2009.61.101) (Photo by Martin Munkacsi.)

Danny Lyon, Mark di Suvero with the skull “Yorick” in his 195 Front Street loft, (from “The Destruction of Lower Manhattan”), 1967 (2011.65.31) (Danny Lyon website.)

Gordon Parks, “Mysticism that the hero finds in Harlem is represented by objects both religious and superstitious seen in a store window.” 1952 (1605.2005)

Andreas Feininger, Ritual Skull, British Museum, 1969 (839.1976)

Whoooo knooows what’s lurking in the Fansinaflashbulb catacombs… Who knows what oozes out during a Halloween Week series of Midnight posts… Revisit, unearth, dig up terrifying tricks and treats, magnificently macabre, and srsly spooooky Halloween posts of the past!

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5 Responses to Six Skulls (for Halloween)

  1. I love bones and dead things in general. I’ve always wanted to have a skull of my own. Memento mori, don’t you know. Skull photographs will have to do for the moment. Great Halloween post!

    • Christopher George says:

      Perhaps you “have a skull of your own.”:-)
      Happy Halloween.

      • Hmm, yes. Forgot about that one. I guess it is empty! 💀👻🎃💀👻🎃💀👻🎃

      • Christopher George says:

        Hello Photobooth Journal,
        I saw this story today, and thought of you and your blog:
        “Suspect Who Robbed Illinois Photo Booth Caught on Camera:
        Police have a clear image of a suspect who they say robbed cash from an Illinois photo booth. In fact, they have several images because the machine took his picture during the alleged act.
        The man entered the booth at Funway Amusements in Batavia where he pried open the cash drawer and took approx. $75.00 in cash, Batavia Police Department said. Approximately $75.00 in damage was caused to the machine.
        The device is designed to take photographs when it senses tampering to the cash drawer, it said in a news release.
        The robbery took place in November but the report was delayed until the machine’s owner could access the photos.”

      • Thanks Christopher.Cool article and fabulous technology that takes a photograph of a thief while it is being robbed! Another reason for me to love photobooths.

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