Weegee Wednesdays: Halloween Resurrection or Reanimation or Whatever…

Weegee, “This was a friendly game of bocci, New York” ca. 1939 (995.1993)

Let’s try to communicate with and possibly bring back the dead… We could use a Ouija Board. Or, we could use Photoshop. Let’s try Photoshop. So, everyone, please take your seats, please sit down, turn your phones and other mobile devices off. If we are going to try to bring back the dead, we can’t be disturbed. It’s OK, we’ll wait… Please dim the lights. Please concentrate, concentrate, concentrate… “Rise” (I’m talking to the person in the photo, not you.) “You have been dead for too long. Rise… Your unidentified body has been frozen in gelatin silver for too long. Rise… Rise… Don’t forget your hat… RISE! You are ALIVE!”

Whoooo knooows what’s lurking in the Fansinaflashbulb catacombs… Revisit, unearth, dig up terrifying tricks and treats, magnificently macabre, and srsly spooooky Halloween posts of the past!

Weegee Wednesday is an occasional series exploring, or just enjoying, the life and work of Weegee.

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3 Responses to Weegee Wednesdays: Halloween Resurrection or Reanimation or Whatever…

  1. Wonderfully funny post, thank you!

    • Christopher George says:

      Thank you!

      (Whispering: little known fact, I talk to photos all the time, most of the time, they don’t talk back, but, sometimes, they do… especially tintypes, they always talk back, they are noisy little things!).

      ps. This Halloween, be careful, there might be a few Weegee Zombies walking/flying around… 🙂


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