Dances of the Devil: A Witch and Half a Dozen Devils (Six Satans) and a Mailbox

Voila, March 30, 1935, (2007.71.25)

Voila, March 31, 1934 (2007.71.62)

Vu, magazine, periodical
Vu, January 9, 1929 (2007.84.3)

Weegee, “The foreman of the devils was peeved, because the assistant devils were not in costume.” 1945 (14581.1993)

Weegee, [Costumed devil with atomic bomb, Saturday night masquerade at the Savoy, Harlem, New York] ca. 1946 (2009.70.6)

Weegee, [Anita Ekberg in devil costume], ca. 1955 (15781.1993)

Weegee, “Masquerade,” ca. 1945 (15725.1993)

Joshua Lutz, Devil Devil, 2013 (2014.7.1)

Whoooo knooows what’s lurking in the Fansinaflashbulb catacombs… Who knows what oozes out during a Halloween Week series of Midnight posts… Revisit, unearth, dig up terrifying tricks and treats, magnificently macabre, and srsly spooooky Halloween posts of the past!

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