Echos of Ectoplasm and Phantasmagoric Photographs…

Unidentified Ghoulographers, [Unidentified boy and ghost and Weegee sitting on a throne], ca. 1870 and 1956 (2411.2005 and 19939.1993)

By this time, I had my picture taken by a street tintype photographer, and had been fascinated by the result. (I think I was what you might call a “natural born” photographer, with hypo in my blood.)
That street photographer really started the wheels going in my brain. I sent off to a Chicago mail order house for a tintype outfit, and as soon as it came, began to take street tintypes myself.
Weegee by Weegee, p. 14

Whoooo knooows what’s lurking in the Fansinaflashbulb catacombs… Revisit, unearth, dig up terrifying tricks and treats, magnificently macabre, and spooooky Halloween posts of the past!

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