On their deathbed, no one ever said: “I wish I spent more time at the office.”

Unidentified Photographer, [Butcher], ca. 1875 (2007.54.4)

Unidentified Photographer, [Iceman], ca. 1875 (2007.54.9)

Unidentified Photographer, [Waiters], ca. 1880 (2007.54.7)

Unidentified Photographer, [Man with Soldering Tools], ca. 1875 (2007.54.18)

Unidentified Photographer, [Mechanic], ca. 1875 (2414.2005)

Unidentified Photographer, [Wall Paper Hangers], ca. 1870 (2008.81.49)

This post was created for last year’s Labor Day, but I am such an inveterate and incurable slacker and an accomplished and perennial procrastinator that I didn’t finish it in time…

No, wait…Take two:
This post was created for last year’s Labor Day, but I was working so much and so hard on so many compelling projects that I missed the deadline… (That’s better.)

So, to display my industriousness and ingenuity, (or as a reflection of just plain laziness) I have refashioned and remade this post of amazing tintype portraits into something slightly relevant.

Work! I love work. I’m at work right now. I’m working.

Is it lunch time yet? (I’m not thinking about what I’ll do this evening, in 4 hours, 15 minutes and 10 seconds, when I can finally go home. I’m not thinking about the last or planning for the upcoming weekend, or my next vacation…) Anyway, we work so much in the archive (or just the Imaging Department); we love our work that for us, everyday is a celebration; everyday is Labor Day!

In the U.S., as of August 4, 2015, the current unemployment rate is 5.1 percent, the lowest rate in seven years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. To dive into the data a little deeper they also report: Thus far in 2105 the employment has risen by 457,000 in health care and by 107,000 in social assistance; employment in financial activities has grown by 170,000. Employment in professional and business services has increased by 641,000. Employment in food services and drinking places enjoyed an average monthly gain of 31,000 jobs over the prior 12 months. In the U.S. it’s not good news for manufacturers and miners. In August, 2015: manufacturing employment decreased by 17,000 and employment in mining fell by (-9,000). The average nonfarm work week in August was 34.6 hours. The average hourly earnings for private nonfarm work rose by 8 cents to $25.09. This info is from “The Employment Situation — August 2015.” No national museum, artist or tintypist (note to self: tintypes of cultural and museum workers, tintypes of job – “Why do the righteous suffer?”) information was found on a very, very quick look at the Bureau of Labor Staistics website, bls.gov… Labor Day music.

Have great and fruitful Labor Days!

Unidentified Photographer, [House Painter], ca. 1875 (2008.81.52)

The bad Photoshop portion of this blog post:

[Workers of the World Unite…]

[It Ain’t Just Paint…]

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7 Responses to On their deathbed, no one ever said: “I wish I spent more time at the office.”

  1. elmey says:

    Go on, take the rest of the day off!

    I enjoyed the post 🙂

  2. NICE. Thanks for posting this group.

  3. ocdlit says:

    nice article subject! 🙂

  4. crea2010 says:

    Nice post and very nice portraits.

  5. hjogrimes says:

    Wonderful post each picture so similar yet so different from the last! LOVE it.

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