Weegee Wednesdays: Ladies of Liberties

Weegee, Statue of Liberty, ca. 1955 (3372.1993)

Weegee, Statue of Liberty: Swing, baby, it’s a free country ain’t it?, ca. 1955 (3357.1993)

Weegee, [Statue of Liberty], ca. 1961 (5912.1993)

Weegee, [Man climbs 85-foot ladder to secure torch on the plastic Statue of Liberty erected at Times Square for the Sixth War Loan Drive, New York], November 30, 1944 (15443.1993)

A Helping Hand for Miss Liberty
Last night the torch of the Liberty statue erected in Times Square for the Sixth War Loan Drive began to spark, and a patrolman noticed it was swaying. A civilian worker is shown climbing an 85-foot extension ladder borrowed from the Fire Department. Cables were strung up to secure the torch. Police said there was no danger that the 15 ton plastic [Statue of] Liberty would fall. [PM, December 1, 1944, Vol. V, No. 144, p. 32]

Weegee, [Sixth War Loan Drive, Times Square, New York], November 30, 1944 (15440.1993)

Weegee, [Explosion on Columbus Avenue, New York], February 17, 1943 (15216.1993)

This 30 – foot section of wall was blown out yesterday by an explosion caused by a defective heater in the Catholic Youth Organization gymnasium, 88 Columbus Avenue. Tenants in nearby apartment houses said the blast, which occurred about 2:30 A.M., knocked them off their feet or out of beds. Streets in the vicinity were covered with shattered glass, and traffic was rerouted. A large section of the boiler landed in the southbound lane of Broadway. The ceiling of the Gem Dancing Academy in the same building caved in, creating panic among 50 couples on the dance floor. Police and firemen quickly got everyone out safely. The CYO gym was completely wrecked and the blast damaged the rear of the building, as bricks from the shattered wall piled up. Four persons were treated for minor injuries. [PM, February 18, 1943, Vol. III, No. 211, p. 32]

The gymnasium of the Catholic Youth Organization, 88 Columbus Avenue, damaged by an explosion. Looking east to the thirty-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty that stood on top of the Liberty Warehouse at 43 West 64th Street (just East of Broadway). The statue is now in the Brooklyn Museum. At the end of West 64th is Harperly Hall, an apartment building (41 Central Park West). On the far right: the West Side branch of the YMCA (5 West 63rd Street).
[The Weegee Guide to New York, pp. 332-333]

Weegee, [Woman wearing a Statue of Liberty costume], ca. 1943 (15584.1993)

To commemorate the 130th anniversary of the arrival of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, from France, on June 17, 1885: several photos made by Weegee of the Statue of Liberty. Well, maybe not the Statue of Liberty, perhaps a Statue of Liberty, or several Statues of Liberties…

Weegee Wednesdays is an occasional series exploring, and sometimes just enjoying, the life and work of Weegee.

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    I think you’ve just captured the answer pefrcetly

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