MEOW! Artists and Their Cats… (part 2)

Michel Auer, Jane Evelyn Atwood, 1983 (336.1988)

Barbara Morgan (1900-1992), Berenice Abbott [1898-1991] with Cat, 1942 (543.1986)

Unidentified Photographer, [Weegee, 1899-1968, and kitten], ca. 1958 (22649.1993)

Nearly five years ago (about 36 years if you were a dog) I (put the cat among the pigeons and) made this, it was the cat’s whiskers and/or meow, classic blog post: MEOW! Artists and Their Cats…
And now, after five years of careful editing and revising; five years of fishing in and ferreting around The Museum System database, (perhaps the elephant in the room is that every cat photo is a good photo); after five years of afternoon cat naps; after half a decade of monkeying around and being busy as a bee, and thinking that a cat in gloves catches no mice… Since all cats are grey in the dark, I’m (an eager beaver and a sheep in photographer’s clothing) ready (if every dog has its day, then every silly blog post has its day) to let the cat out of the bag and unleash (like casting pearls before swine) another instant classic (like a dog and pony show) blog post: a trio of photos, each featuring a cat and a photographic artist, in alphabetical order…

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