Picasso, 1981

Lucien ClerguePablo Picasso in his studio “La Californie”, Cannes, 1955 (638.1983a)

Lucien Clergue, Picasso and “Le Moustre de Matisse”, an object of the Nouvelle Hebrides, which the French master [Matisse] gave to Don Pablo. It is now part of collection of the Picasso Museum in Paris, 1956 (638.1983c)

Lucien Clergue, During the Feria de Nîmes festival, Picasso dressed up as a musician of Peña de Logroño, a town close to Guernica, at the bullfight, May 1958 (638.1983d)

Lucien Clergue, Before the bullfight of September 1959 Picasso stepped into in an antique shop and bought a musical instrument which is found in a series of canvases painted in Vauvenargues. With two friends they recreated the famous painting The Three Musicians, 1959 (638.1983e)

Lucien Clergue, The workshop sculptures, present-absent, Notre Dame de Vie, 1970 (638.1983o)

Lucien Clergue, Picasso will soon be 90 years, Notre Dame de Vie, 24 mars, 1971 (638.1983n)

This portfolio of the centenary of the birth of Pablo Picasso has been designed and produced by Lucien Clergue. He photographed Pablo Picasso with his consent in the Provence from 1955 to 1971. The 15 prints the portfolio consists of were printed on Ilford paper and mounted on cardboard Van Gelder.

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