Bread – Preparing

USSR in Construction, “The Soviet Food Industry,” August 1938, (2012.13.55)

Regards, April 13, 1934 (2011.7.251)

This is the third and penultimate post about BREAD. The first and perhaps best bread post is here, the second, and second best, is here. (Yes, the words are sandwiched between the images.)

chleb – Polish
pão – Portuguese
pâine – Romanian
chlieb – Slovak
kruh – Slovenian
rooti – Somali
pan – Spanish
mkate – Swahili
bröd – Swedish
ekmek – Turkish
bánh mì – Vietnamese
bara – Welsh
akara – Yoruba
isinkwa – Zulu

Bread in different languages (from Google translate and the link is a Google image search – an experiment).

Marvin Koner (1921-1983), Woman Cutting Bread, Immigration Story, Italy, 1956 (3599.1992)

Leonard Freed (1929-2006), [Three elderly men sitting in front of a house cutting bread and fruit], 1976 (2014.56.28)

Aleksandras Macijauskas, In the market, Lithuanian Countryside Markets, No. 56, Siauliai, 1974 (1138.1986.y)

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