A Love Story

Jill Freedman, Tinker Boys, County Kerry, 1973 (9.1988)

Jill Freedman, Fiddlers Light, County Donegal, 1974 (50.1988)

Jill Freedman, Sailing Homeward, County Galway, 1984 (32.1988)

Jill Freedman, Sligo Women, County Sligo, 1974 (7.1988)

Jill Freedman,Man with Pipe, County Sligo 1974 (6.1988)

Born in 1939 in Pittsburg the adventurous young Jill Freedman left the parental house the moment she could and spent several years living in Europe and Israel. During her travels in the sixties –a time when she was not yet documenting the stories around her with a camera, she also went to Ireland, visiting a music festival. Ms. Freedman returned in 1973 to capture and share the stories of the country and its people, to which she developed a deep love. A feeling she describes best in her own wordsI loved the gentleness, the sweet shyness, the warm welcomes and farewells, the soda bread warm from the hearth, and always a sup to eat and drink. Guinness fresh as mother’s milk, all the nutritional benefits of dark amber whiskey. The pleasure they had in welcoming a stranger, who left a friend. After over 40 years, Ms. Freedman’s photographs of Ireland still tell a moving story of a photographer who connected deeply to a people who love music, their country and life itself.

About claartjevandijk

Assistant Curator, Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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