Weegee’s Guide to New York: Weegee was here…

If you, like me, find yourself walking around New York City, wondering:
Was Weegee here?
Did Weegee make a photograph on this street? Of this building? In this room? Right here?
Can we return to the scene of the crime?
Are we in Weegee’s World?
Well, my photogenic photographic fiends and friends, the answer to the immortal question:
Where did Weegee work, can now be found in a wonderful new book: The Weegee Guide to New York, (Prestel, 2015).

A few favorite page spreads:

Simply Add Boiling Water, December 18, 1943 (2009.16.2)
281 Water Street at Dover, Southeast corner.


[Filming The Naked City], 1947 (7574.1993)
Delancey Street, Approach to Williamsburg Bridge


[Covering the morning line-up at police headquarters], ca. 1939 (E.L. 1986.38)
6 Centre Market Place.


[Incident at the Howdy Revue], April 1938 (2192.1993)
47 West 3rd Street near Wooster, North side of block.


[Police and bystanders with body of Stanely Sandler, a passenger in an automobile that crashed into a Third Avenue Elevated pillar and caught fire], April 16, 1942 (Weegee portfolio 30)
650 Third Avenue between East 41st and 42nd Streets, West side of block.


[Weegee inspecting trunk containing body of William Hessler, who had been stabbed to death], August 5, 1936 (2212.1993)
701 Court Street near Bryant.

The photos are scratch and sniff and there is a pop-up section… Kidding! There are no scratch and sniff and pop-up sections, but the book is the perfect size for putting it in your pocket or purse, and taking it with you when exploring the Naked City, or just walking to work.
Something historic happened almost everywhere in Manhattan. This book could be the basis of walking tours, re-photographic projects, apps, maps, claps, audio walks, diary and journal entries, novels, historical nonfiction, movies (bromances and rom-coms), off-off-off Broadway musicals, operas, power-pop ballads, reality T.V. shows, tweets, subtweets, timeline photos, blog posts and much more…

There are 8.406 million stories in the Naked City, (there are 432 pages in the The Weegee Guide to New York), and this book can be a part of yours…
We’re all Weegee’s People now…

Weegee was here and here and here

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