Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Mathew Brady (1822-1896), [Abraham Lincoln], May 16, 1861, (2009.15.1)

Thomas McAvoy (1905-1966), [Marian Anderson and her mother on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after her Easter concert, Washington, DC], April 9, 1939, (1083.2005)

Roman Vishniac (1897-1990), [Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.], 1940s-1950s, (RV_6_021_04)

Cornell Capa (1918-2008), Spokane, Washington, September 6, 1960 (106.2004) (This statue of Lincoln, here on a Google map, was designed by Alonzo Victor Lewis and unveiled in 1930. More info: here and here.)

Weegee (1899-1968), Abe Lincoln, ca. 1965, (11084.1993)
Weegee gets the last laugh. Weegee appropriated and played with the 1865 portrait of Lincoln by Alexander Gardner. It was one of the last portraits of Lincoln; 100 years later, one of the last projects by Weegee.

A classic Fansinaflashbulb post about Marian Anderson’s 1939 Easter Concert, can be found here.
“Contralto Marian Anderson’s historic Easter concert, which drew over 75,000 listeners to the Mall, foregrounded the general issue of racism in the United States as well as the specifics of segregation in the nation’s capital.”

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