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Alfred Eisenstaedt, Looking at the mouth of a big fish that daddy had just caught, Florida, 1956 (294.1989)

Thank you for viewing Fansinaflashbulb.
Fansinaflashbulb was viewed more than 180,000 times in 2014.
The visitors were from 180 countries (out of a possible 196 countries, including Taiwan).

Weegee, [Woman blowing a bubble], ca. 1956 (17331.1993)

In 2014 the five most popular posts were:
Stills from Zapruder film of JFK Assassination
Bloody Sunday through Gilles Peress’s Eyes
Smart, Witty, Clever: Rare, Early Street Photography by Ansel Adams
André Kertész
Henri Cartier-Bresson or W. Eugene Smith?

Aleksandras Macijauskas, In the market, 1974 (1138.1986.n)

On Fansinaflashbulb’s busiest day in 2014 this post was published: Studio Visit: Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera – Part 1 – The exterior.

Aleksandras Macijauskas, In the market, 1974 (1138.1986.jj)

Who cares about popularity! Avoid the ruts of conformity! (To misquote Thoreau.) Everything that is unpopular is always more interesting and worthy of investigating than anything that is popular. Everything that is popular is terrible and mediocre at best. (Trust me, I’m an expert on unpopularity. I didn’t get where I am today by being popular!)
Some of the most unpopular, or least viewed, Fansinaflashbulb posts in 2014, (all were composed before 2014) that are great and obviously worthy of a view, or re-view, are:

Gum, an Agent to Share or Solitaire
April Fools’ Day
Great Conductors V: William Steinberg
Photography Art Society of Lithuania: Aleksandras Macijauskas
Russell Means, 1939-2012
Revolt! Bite the Hand That Bleeds You
The World of Tomorrow

Forrest Myers, [Revolt! Bite the Hand That Bleeds You], ca. 1970 (827.2002)

These photos are a selection of images from the most “unpopular” posts…

And again:
Thank you!

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