Abstraction of the Berlin Wall


Henry Ries, Brandenburg Gate, September 1989 (1.1991)

Born in Berlin Henry Ries emigrated to the United States in 1937 to avoid persecution from the Nazi’s, but was sent back because of his lack of immigration papers. Ries finally made it to the U.S. in 1938. He returned to Germany ten years later to begin his work as a European Photographer for the New York Times. Over his lifetime he would make several trips back to his home country but remained to live in the U.S. where he opened a commercial photography studio in Manhattan.  Ries published several books, including German Faces (1949), Berlin Portraits (1980), and The Berlin Blockade (1998). This collection of photographs was taken in September 1989 two months before the Berlin wall was torn down. In addition, his personal work and photojournalism have been exhibited at ICP and the Gropius Museum, among many other institutions.


Henry Ries, Bernauer Street, September 1989 (5.1991)

Henry Ries, Rosa Luxemburg, September 1989

Henry Ries, Rosa Luxemburg, September 1989 (9.1991)

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