Masks we wear, Frightening Fridays!

In celebration for everyone’s favorite holiday, for every Friday in October, we will be posting some spooky images from the ICP collection. This week:

Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Man Leading Man Wearing a Mask and Holding a Cane], ca. 1875, 2007.52.2

In addition to the spook factor, this mask is very mysterious: One of the men seems to be leading the man wearing the mask who also has a cane. Is the mask covering some heinous deformity? Burn marks? The mind reels…


Unidentified Photographer, [Two Cadets Wearing Masks in Mock Sword Fight], ca. 1875, 2008.81.48

Perhaps less frightening than the last, this image of two soldiers  is also mysterious. A theater troupe? Political commentary? Two friends goofing off?

Unidentified Photographer, [Four Hanging Heads], ca. 1880, 2007.54.6

Finally, this last image is the OPPOSITE of the photographs above, but these creepies are masking their bodies to create some spooky floating heads.

Happy pre-Halloween!

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