Centenary of World War One

Martin Munkacsi, [Car offering battlefield tours, Ieper, Belgium] ca. 1929 (2007.110.713)

Martin Munkacsi, [Car offering battlefield tours, Ieper, Belgium] ca. 1929 (2007.110.2450)

Martin Munkacsi, [Tourist buses and automobiles outside St. Martin’s Cathedral, Ieper, Belgium] ca. 1929 (2007.110.709)

Martin Munkacsi, [Tour buses to World War I battle sights, Ieper, Belgium] ca. 1929 (2007.110.705)

Martin Munkacsi, [Group looking at World War I tank, Ieper, Belgium] ca. 1929 (2007.110.710)

Martin Munkacsi, [Memorial to fallen World War I soldiers, Ieper, Belgium] ca. 1929 (2007.110.708)

To commemorate the centenary of the start of World War One I’ve created a few blog posts that feature slightly uncommon or lesser known photos of the consequences (personal, political, and physical) of The Great War. The above photos, made about ten years after the end of the Great War, show civilians seeking battle sights, honoring and paying tribute to dead soldiers, and rebuilding in Belgium.

Ypes/Ieper, Belgium is the center of the map in the second photograph, the sign reads: “Taxi. For. Hire. guide to all the cemeteries.” this was two decades before the beginning of the annual Ieper Festival of Cats (Kattenstoet).

Related and recent:
“Vintage London bus retraces battle routes through Ypres” on the BBC.
“Belgians Share Their Land With War’s Reminders” on the NY Times.

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