Unidentified Photographer, [Unidentified Woman with Snake], ca. 1875 (2008.62.1)

Frank Wendt, [Barnum and Baily’s Circus Snake Charmer, Miss Maxine], 1913 (2011.47.72)

Frank Wendt, [Snake Charmer], 1898 – ca. 1905 (2011.47.74)

Vu, (photo by Man Ray), July 23, 1930 (2009.52.104)

Chim (David Seymour), [Two children with a snake, San Domenico in Cocullo, Italy], 1951 (1021.2002)

takagi_madoka_2013_97_2 copy
Madoka Takagi, [Untitled], 1980s (2013.97.2)

Chim website is here.
The Frank Wendt website is here.

From Eve’s serpent to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” (the video recently set a record for the most views, 19.6 million, in a day); from a very recent female anaconda’s parthenogenesis (“that is the beauty of science… We are still discovering things that surprise and amaze us”) in a UK safari park to Serptentina at the Coney Island USA sideshow; from a tiny tintype made in the 1870s to an 8 by 10 platinum (contact) print from the 1980s, there is something timeless and indissoluble about photos of alive and real, cold blooded, legless, forked-tongue, rapacious reptiles, and slithering serpents held by humans… (“Ah humanity!”)

SSSpeaking of musssic and ssslightly irrelevant:
A seeminly endless list of obscure songs (shedding and shredding) that start with snake: Snake, Snake Apartment, Snake Appeal, Snake Bite, Snake Cave, Snake Charmer, Snake City, Snake Dance, Snake Doctor Blues, Snake Domain, Snake Dream, Snake Drive, Snake Eating Its Tail, Snake Eyes, Snake Face, Snake Girl, Snake Goddess, Snake Handler, Snake Hips, Snake in the Grass, Snake in the Hole, Snake Jam, Snake Jaw, Snake Juice, Snake Leg, Snake Lust, Snake Man, Snake Mistakes, Snake Music, Snake Oil, Snake Oil Symphony, Snake People, Snake Pit, Snake Walk, Snake Woman, Snaked, Snakes, Snakes Alive… these, and many more, (alive and real) can be heard here

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