Joy of YOLOing…

Weegee, [Police and bystanders with body of Stanley Sandler, a passenger in an automobile that crashed into a Third Avenue El pillar and caught fire, New York], April 16, 1942 (14129.1993)

Weegee, [Greenpoint Hospital attendant Mary Biscarei tagging body of Agnes Clark, who jumped to her death when a fire swept through her three-story wooden home, Brooklyn], May 15, 1944 (147.1982)

Weegee, [Dead body on cobblestone street], ca. 1941 (14068.1993)

Weegee, [Body of girl hit by car on Park Avenue, New York], ca. 1938 (2051.1993)

Weegee, “Murder La Humoresque,” ca. 1944 (2314.1993)

Amazeballs! In celebration of YOLO becoming an official word, here is an amazeballs post (or, mere clickbait)… A few amazeballs Weegee photos of people who have (presumably) only lived once… (Wonder why the wrangling of new words seems to be the work of the whelpish.) Let me, more hot mess than hench, mansplain this, before I (sincerely smellfungus, and no longer unbearded nor bloomy) get another side-eye from the editor…

Here are a few favorite and amazeballs Weegee photos of crimes and criminals (who are no longer alive, who have yelled their last “YOLO!”), who Weegee covered, were covered by newspapers, and covered (or almost covered) in newspapers (and a shoe)… Black and white and red all over… an old joke… and the totally adorbs (unarmed dummy wearing dark heels and revealing more than a side boob) “Murder La Humoresqe.”

Yoyo-ing between YOLO and immortality, life and death, the anonymous dead people’s and Weegee’s presence lives on in silver gelatin, bits, bytes, and now pixels… YOLO! Unless you’re in an amazeballs Weegee photo… then YOLForever…

Coming soon, (as soon as I stop cotching) an adorbs to zonkey post…

(An amazeballs related post, a Fansinaflashbulb classic, illustrating the 2009 Oxford University Press word of the year, unfriend, can be seen here.)

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