“Toscanini’s Magic Wand”


Lucien Aigner, [Lorin Maazel conducting the National Music Camp Orchestra or the Interlochen Youth Orchestra], 1939 (2013.112.140)

PM, July 6, 1941, p. 14
Lorin Maazel, Age 11, Takes Up Toscanini’s Magic Wand
“The NBC Summer Symphony obeyed him last night.
He rehearses and conducts without score to the amazement of veterans.
He composes as well as conducts, and has played the violin since he was 5.
And he will conduct the NBC Orchestra again next Saturday night.”

“…in July 1941, Arturo Toscanini invited him to conduct the NBC Symphony in a concert — works by Wagner, Mendelssohn and Dika Newlin [Newlin’s NY Times obituary: “82, Punk-Rock Schoenberg Expert, Dies“] — broadcast nationally from Radio City Music Hall. The orchestra, outraged at the idea of being led by a child, greeted him at the first rehearsal with lollipops in their mouths. He won their respect the first time he stopped the rehearsal to point out a wrong note.” NY Times, July 13, 2014

PM, July 6, 1941, p. 14
On the same page a significantly cropped Weegee photo was published… all in a record of a New York day…

Maestro Maazel’s website.
Maestro Maazel’s NY Times obituary.
New Yorker culture blog.

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