Happy 201st Birthday, Richard Wagner!

Weegee, [Metropolitan Opera’s female chorus rehearsing their parts for Wagner’s Lohengrin, New York], 1944 (153.1982)

Weegee, Metropolitan Opera House Rehearsel, 1944 (126.1982)

PM Daily, November 26, 1944, Metropolitan Opera’s male chorus rehearse their parts for Wagner’s Lohengrin. They will appear as Knights, New York.

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Peter Hoffmann, Wagerian tenor, outside Stuttgart Opera House, 1980

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Arturo Toscanini, conductor, talking to Wieland Wagner, grandson of Richard Wagner, Bayreuth, 1933

Chim, [Arturo Toscanini playing piano in his home. In the library case on a side are the death masks of Beethoven, Wagner and Verdi. Milan, Italy.], 1954

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