Richard Avedon, [Hand and arm in long sleeved blouse in front of black hair], ca. 1968 (2151.2005)


Lou Bernstein, Kathie, N.Y. Aquarium, 1977 (94.1992)


Lala Deen Dayal, General View of City and Lake, Udaipur, ca. 1880s (125.1980)

munkacsi_martin_2007_110_1657Martin Munkacsi, [Woman in peignoir], 1936 (2007.110.1657)

bs_0004Chim (David Seymour), [Seagulls, Nice, France], 1938 (Extended loan from Ben Shneiderman Collection)

Definition of FOLD:  transitive verb:  to lay one part over another part of

 <fold a letter>:  to reduce the length or bulk of by doubling over <fold a tent> to clasp together :  entwine <fold the hands>to clasp or enwrap closely :  embrace,  to bend (as a layer of rock) into folds , to incorporate (a food ingredient) into a mixture by repeated gentle over turnings without stirring or beating,  to incorporate closely, to concede defeat by withdrawing (one’s cards) from play (as in poker),  to bring to an end

Five images not thematically related to each other except for the fold folding the images together.

The hand in or in front of a woman’s black hair is almost like a sculpture. The texture of hair flows and folds into the water, where the dolphin bends in curves like the continuously moving ripples on the surface of the lake in Udaipur where my mother lives and stays right now. The thought of this is in itself a fold originated in the movement of the dolphin. The continuous streams floating in the city of lakes fold into the dress of the woman in peignoir dancing in the wind folding her hands holding a pigeon illuminated by the touch of the light from behind. The gesture of the hand stretching upwards to feed the seagulls whose wings slowly unfolds as they lower their flight. What is in a fold?– in a bending form,  in a movement of a body, in distance of thoughts, in ripples of water,  in sound of the air?

–Emilie Lundstrøm, ICP-Bard 2014

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