Love Is in the Air


Dyke Action Machine, Gosh, We Always Knew Lesbian Families Rule, 1992 (1193.2000)


John Loengard, Florette and Jacques-Henri Lartigue, 1981 (189.1987)


Bill Wood, 50th Anniversary, 1956 (2010.14.183)

cowin_736_1990Unidentified Photographer, [Groom and Bride], ca. 1920s (736.1990)

eisenstadt_alfred_319_1989Alfred Eisenstaedt, Lunch hour at river Seine just below Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, 1963 (319.1989)

strauss_zoe_2013_74_3Zoe Strauss, Ken and Don, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2007 (2013.74.3)


Charles H. Traub, “N.Y.C. on the Edge,” Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY, 1988 (477.1991)


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Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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