Capa in Color


Robert Capa, [Ernest Hemingway and his son Gregory, Sun Valley, Idaho], October 1941 (2013.92.32)

Capa in Color opens tomorrow and will be on view at ICP until May 4, 2014. It is the story of an incredible resurrection: from the 1940s, Robert Capa photographed regularly in color for the magazines of the day (Holiday, Illustrated, Life, etc.), but the majority of the work has never been printed, seen, or even studied before. In fact, this aspect of his career had virtually been forgotten. Curator Cynthia Young selected 125 color images among the 4,200 slides preserved in the Capa Archive at ICP, most of which had become almost unusable because of color deterioration. Thanks to digital technologies, the slides were scanned, color corrected, and printed, and the public will now be able to discover these extraordinary photographs–a whole new aspect of Capa’s work, much happier and lighter than the famous black-and-white war photography for which he is known. Drawn entirely from ICP’s collection, including contextual publications and personal papers, the exhibition presents a fascinating new look at this master of black-and-white photography during his centennial year.

capa_6x6_2 016Robert Capa, [Woman on the beach, Biarritz, France], August 1951 (2013.92.89)

capa_6x6 064Robert Capa, [Skier during Carnival, Zürs, Austria], 1949-50 (2013.92.70)

Robert Capa, [Young visitors waiting to see Lenin’s Tomb at Red Square, Moscow], 1947 (2013.92.41)

capa_robert_2013_92_86Robert Capa, [Spectators at the racetrack, Deauville, France], August 1951 (2013.92.86)

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