Being a Photographer Is a State of Mind…


Weegee the Fifth Beetle, ca. 1967 (2210.1993)


[Weegee taking a photograph], ca. 1940 (19819.1993)


[Weegee with naked women on swings during the production of Shangri-La], ca. 1960 (20251.1993)


Photographer Weegee Disguised as an Ice Cream Peddler in Theater, ca. 1943 (19825.1993)


[Weegee with pigeons, London], 1963 (21085.1993)

About Francesca Teodori

I live in New York, but I studied Contemporary Art in Italy and I specialized in Photo Archiving and Cataloguing in Milan. I love photography. I contributed writing and publishing photos, to art magazines and daily newspapers.
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