Beauty of the Boneyards

Folklore, movies, music, and literature often simplify cemeteries as creepy and sinister “boneyards;” places the living should avoid. A visit to one can certainly invoke an ominous feeling but cemeteries can embody so much more. Many of these sacred places are rich with history, skilled artistry, and nature. They can also be the setting for beautiful photographs.

riboud_marc_61_1975Marc Riboud, Cemetery, Fez, Morocco, 1971 (61.1975)

takagi_madoka_2011_71_57Madoka Takagi, 153rd St. BW RSD/B’way, Trinity Cemetery, 1990 (2011.71.57)

iturbide_graciela_119_1995Graciela Iturbide, The Cemetery, 1988 (119.1995)

figueroa_jose_2011_37_19José A. Figueroa, Diana y Navarro, Boda En el cementerio, La Habana (Diana Navarro, Wedding Cemetery, Havana),  1968 (printed 2011), (2011.37.19)

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Currently a graduate student at Columbia University, studying Photography Theory, Museum Studies, and Anthropology; I'm slowly learning how to live in and love New York City...
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  1. entrance to beautiful zale cemetery (designed by yugoslav architect plecnik) in ljubljana, slovenia

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