Vik Muniz’s Memory Rendering of 3-D Screening


Vik Muniz, Memory Rendering of 3-D Screening, 1989/95 (155.1998.7)

Vik Muniz didn’t start out wanting to be an artist or a photographer. He claims there are few photographs of him growing up in Brazil because his family did not believe in photography.

The first book Muniz purchased in New York was The Best of Life, a compendium of iconic images from the legendary magazine. He gradually realized that he could draw images in it from memory, resulting in this series.

These ushered in a career of experimentation with the ways that photography can alter our perceptions of time, distance, detail, material, and memory.

When his 1998 show at ICP was reviewed in Artforum, Katy Siegel wrote, “The marks and distortions insert Muniz as a palpable presence in his dense photography; both makers and viewers finally exist inside the images, leaving fingerprints and seeing things that aren’t there.”[1]

[1] Siegel, Katy. “Vik Muniz.” Artforum International 37, no. 4 (1998): 122+.

Muniz, Vik. The Photographers Lecture Series, March 29. 2006. New York: International Center of Photography.

Christian Erroi, ICP-Bard 2013

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