Taking a Break from the Summer Heat

The open fire hydrant is a cultural phenomenon that photographers have been capturing for over seventy years.  From Harlem to Hoboken, these iconic images from the ICP collection illustrate the joy of this popular summer pastime.


Charles PrattHoboken, 1963 (87.199)


Leonard Freed, The fire hydrants are opened during the summer heat, Harlem, New York, 1967 (404.1981)


Weegee, [Children playing in water sprayed from open fire hydrant, Upper West Side, New York], 1945 (14498.1993)


Lou BernsteinN.Y. City, 1977 (27.1992)

Playing in the spray of an open hydrant isn’t just for children:


Weegee, [Adults and children playing in open fire hydrant on hottest day of year, New York], July 20, 1942 (2394.1993)

Need to cool off?  Fire hydrants can be opened legally in New York City if you have a sprinkler cap.  Your local firefighters will even install one and open the hydrant for you.  Click here for more information.

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  1. what a great selection of photos and memories of my childhood summers

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