Memorial Day

I’m not an American citizen and, even though there hasn’t been a war since World War II in my country, I know what war means. Although I’ve never be a soldier, I often ask myself how much a soldier should care about his or her country to devote and risk his or her life for the military and the nation.


Unidentified Photographer, [S. Gentile, Troop G, 11th U.S. Cavalry, Imperial Beach, California]1910-20 (2011.14.8)

As always happen when a war is finished, it is difficult to look back and remember. Remembering is an essential action for a person, and for a country too. Sometimes it can be painful but it allows us to elaborate our national story and not to repeat the same mistakes.


Unidentified Photographer, [U.S. Marine]ca. 1920 (1083.1990)

Furthermore remembering our soldiers in an act of respect for those who battled for and defended us.

cowin_711_1990Unidentified Photographer, [Soldier], ca. 1940s (711.1990)

While wars can be traumatic for many soldiers, please don’t hide; on Memorial Day, please think about the soldiers and try to be helpful.


Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Untitled, 1959 (30.2005)

Remembrance is a gentle act that can help soldiers distance themselves from their own difficult memories.


About Francesca Teodori

I live in New York, but I studied Contemporary Art in Italy and I specialized in Photo Archiving and Cataloguing in Milan. I love photography. I contributed writing and publishing photos, to art magazines and daily newspapers. Working in art galleries in New York is challenging as making my own projects.
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