Love Me, Love My Dog

Filling the role of Man’s Best Friend below are some featured pups being embraced, ogled, petted, held, hugged, and loved by their owners.

Dogs with style:


Chim (David Seymour), [Peggy Guggenheim on the Grand Canal, Venice], 1950 (354.1982)

Dogs with musical talent:


Elliott Erwitt, Amsterdam, 1972 (2007.4.32)

Dogs in all shapes and sizes:


Edwin Rosskam, Oil Town Children, Wyoming, 1944 (121.1983)

Dogs can be regal:


Robert Capa, [Adolphe Max, burgomater (mayor) of the city for thirty years, with his dog Happy, Brussels], 1939 (2516.1992)

Dogs are beautiful, too:


Garry Winogrand, from the series Women are Beautiful, 1975 (248.1984)

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