Recent Acquisition: Sam Falls


Sam Falls, Crayon Roofs, 2011 (2013. 3.1)

Courtesy Higher Pictures

Thanks to the generosity of the Acquisitions Committee, ICP recently acquired a unique work by ICP-Bard alumni Sam Falls. Mixing photography, painting, drawing, computer rendering, video, printmaking, and sculpture, Falls’ work, including Crayon Roofs from 2011, is steeped in a freewheeling sensibility that is one of the hallmarks of his generation of artists. Although he regularly employs a host of different mediums, the notion of “the photographic” remains the conceptual motor for much of what he does, guiding his thinking about the ways that the variables of light, space, and time can be employed to shape an image. Falls produces art that is at once wildly improvisational and relentlessly idea-driven: he worries less about the stylistic coherence of his output than the consistency of its creative logic. “The notion of an artist working in one style doesn’t make any sense,” he says flatly.

Sam Falls was born in San Diego in 1984 and grew up mostly in Vermont. He received his BA from Reed College in 2007 and MFA from ICP-Bard in 2010. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

–Christopher Phillips, Curator

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