April Fools’ Day

 The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. –Mark Twain


Aaron Siskind, Martha’s Vineyard, 1939 (894.2000)

April Fools’ Day is celebrated as a prank day in many countries. In Italy, France, and Belgium children and adults traditionally paste paper fishes on each other’s backs as a trick and shout “April fish!” in their local language. But in Sweden, Denmark, and  Poland, it is also a day for jokes that has a  different name in each country.


Alfred Eisenstaedt, Looking at the mouth of a big fish that daddy had just caught, Florida , 1956 (294.1989)

The First of April is a day full of jokes in Sweden too. When someone has been fooled in Sweden, to disclose that it was a joke, the fooler says the rhyme “april april din dumma sill, jag kan lura dig vart jag vill” (April, April, you stupid herring, I can fool you to wherever I want”).


Weegee, [Replacing burned-out bulbs in the Wrigley Chewing Gum sign, New York], August 6, 1941 (2097.1993)

About Francesca Teodori

I live in New York, but I studied Contemporary Art in Italy and I specialized in Photo Archiving and Cataloguing in Milan. I love photography. I contributed writing and publishing photos, to art magazines and daily newspapers.
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