Happy Passover

At sundown tonight begins the celebration of the passover seder. Families will be gathering together for a meal to tell the story of the Jews’ exodus out of Egypt. In the picture below, three men are about to empty their wine glasses. It’s tradition to finish four glasses throughout the night.


Arnold Eagle, Passover Seder, ca. 1934 (104.1989)

Here are two boys studying religious texts below. On Passover, the youngest at the table has a starring role in asking the Four Questions.


Arnold Eagle, Learning the Talmud, ca. 1934 (110.1989)

The woman depicted below does a blessing over the candles, which is done on Friday nights, and on Passover when it falls on a Friday.


Arnold Eagle, Lighting the Sabbath Candles, 1934 (145.1989)

In the 1930s Arnold Eagle spent time documenting the Orthodox Jewish community on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, from which these photos are taken. ICP has an extensive collection of Eagle’s work from this and other series that you can find on ICP’s eMuseum database.

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