EYE-opening work of Bill Brandt

A current exhibition at MoMA, Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light, highlights the extensive career of this British photographer. Brandt was known for his ever-changing modernist and abstract styles. In the beginning of his career, he assisted Man Ray, whose Surrealist influences are perhaps best recognizable through Brandt’s series of close-ups of various artists’ eyes. Brandt’s vast range of work includes imagery of air raid shelters during World War II and fashion assignments for Harper’s Bazaar as well as documentation of British life and a series of abstract nudes.


Bill Brandt, London Air Raid Shelter, South East London Underground Station, 1940 (1457.2005)


Bill Brandt, Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire, 1944 (124.1981)


Bill Brandt, East Sussex, 1953 (2011.78.3)

Below, is a photograph of Brandt, seated in his bedroom.


Maria von Matthiessen, Bill Brandt at Home, 1970 (980.2000)

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  1. Thanks, now I feel I wanna see this exhibition!

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