Bundle Up in Hat and Gloves

Let’s face it–it’s cold out there…

But you can still stay fashionable in a debonair hat.


Lisette Model, Pedestrian, New York, ca. 1945 (31.1993)

Even silent-film star Gloria Swanson knows how to keep warm in the New York City cold.


Louis Lanzano, Gloria Swanson, New York City, 1977 (397.1981)

As part of the Roaring Twenties era, Swanson was widely celebrated for her sense of fashion. Audiences often went to her films simply to admire her ever-changing, always exciting, wardrobe. Frequently ornamented with beads, jewels, peacock and ostrich feathers, Swanson exemplified the haute couture of the day. A petite woman with a big flare–at barely five feet tall, Swanson’s costume assemblages were admired around the world.

So, unless you’re this woman:


Ellen Binder, Moscow: A retired woman emerges from her winter morning swim in the Moscow River, 1991-98 (56.1999)

Please stay warm, in the grandest of accessories:


John B. Trevor Jr., Winter Scene in Adirondacks, ca. 1914 (914.1976)

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