The Artist and His Dog

Anatol Josepho, [Self-portrait of Anatol Josepho with terrier], 1928-30

Invented by Anatol Josepho, the photobooth (or Photomaton) was first installed in 1926 at 1659 Broadway on the west side of Times Square. It was an instant success and people, lining up around the block, could have their picture taken for 24 hours on end. In a short amount of time photobooths sprang up in fairs, amusement parks, and bus stations all over the country where everyone, families, friends, or people and their pets could eternalize themselves. In Photobooth Dogs Cameron Woo gathered a beautiful collection of people and their beloved dog, including a self-portrait of Anatol Josepho and his terrier.


About claartjevandijk

Assistant Curator, Collections at the International Center of Photography, New York
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