When September Comes…

At the end of summer, the small ones are looking forward to the start the school! Meeting friends, discovering new things, sometimes misbehaving, starting daily activities, and many more things are just around the corner!

Classes are starting, but students just want to explain their summer stories to friends and be in school together again. Summer is great but at the end of the season, kids get tired and just want to see their friends every day.

With a backpack full of new school supplies, they will start their new classes with enthusiasm, already prepared to attend classes and maybe make some weekly expeditions through the school equipped with their new colored pens.

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Intermission at Chinese Mission School in San Francisco, 1936 (309.1989)

Hansel Mieth, Model School; Schools in Springfield, Missouri are a showcase of progressive education, 1940 (398.1993)

Bruce Davidson, [One-room school house near Selma, Alabama], 1965 (2006.15.49)

Chim (David Seymour), [Children dance in a circle in the courtyard at a school in converted army barracks, Bartoszyce, Poland], 1948 (84.1984)

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Truempy Ballet School, Berlin, 1931 (267.2002)

Are you ready?

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